Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 43

This photojourney through 2009 is becoming a photojourney through my life in photos:

Twitter: 43/365 My 21st

Love this quintessential Australian scene:

On the way to work

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  1. Love the "quintessential Australian scene" photograph. Thank you for posting...

    I can imagine your "photojourney through 2009" turning into a "photojourney through your life" - seems natural.

    We photograph what we like - a part of us, as individuals - hence unconsciously our life story.

    It's the same with writing, one of the reasons I resisted writing for a long time...

    But it can be therapeutic and insightful as we learn (if we choose to) more about ourselves, life, family and friends on the journey...

    Enjoy your journey of discovery Jo...:-)