Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 13: Learning from 365photos

Since this is the second year I have been involved in the 365 photo challenge I find I am approaching it slightly differently. I feel that I am learning more. I have clearer interests in what I want to do with my photography. An interest in light and shade and reflections is stronger this year. Shapes and patterns and colour are also a much greater part of my thinking as I take and edit and select the photos I upload to the group.
And I am getting more inspired by some of my flickr contacts about what can be photographed and why. Yesterday I found this group by @Darcy1968 who has "created a Flickr page dedicated to Kiama’s coastal walking track.

The site will allow residents, visitors and potential tourists to upload and view images from the walk, gaining an insight into Kiama’s natural surrounds and the number of people who have used the track." from The Kiama Independent. I love this idea.

Anyway yesterday was my birthday and I went out with my husband for dinner. Here is one of my photographic experiments that resulted.

Day 13: Celebration

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  1. Happy Birthday and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead. Cheers from Jenny A