Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14: learning from mistakes

The only people who don't make mistakes don't make anything

This photo was part of an advertisement and was taken at my local shopping centre. My immediate response was oh no, I don't think so. My husband often quotes "The only people who don't make mistakes don't make anything," a very comforting thought really as one blunders through life trying our best, and learning as we go. The fact that this statement was part of an advertisement is also interesting, as it is in trying to look as if we never make mistakes that we become vulnerable to the persuasive tactics of marketers who try to get us to buy what we don't need. Be patient with mistakes, our own and others' as experience is a great teacher.

Day 13: Learning from 365photos

Since this is the second year I have been involved in the 365 photo challenge I find I am approaching it slightly differently. I feel that I am learning more. I have clearer interests in what I want to do with my photography. An interest in light and shade and reflections is stronger this year. Shapes and patterns and colour are also a much greater part of my thinking as I take and edit and select the photos I upload to the group.
And I am getting more inspired by some of my flickr contacts about what can be photographed and why. Yesterday I found this group by @Darcy1968 who has "created a Flickr page dedicated to Kiama’s coastal walking track.

The site will allow residents, visitors and potential tourists to upload and view images from the walk, gaining an insight into Kiama’s natural surrounds and the number of people who have used the track." from The Kiama Independent. I love this idea.

Anyway yesterday was my birthday and I went out with my husband for dinner. Here is one of my photographic experiments that resulted.

Day 13: Celebration

In Europe

Two of my boys are in Europe this winter, studying at University. Lachlan is in Norway and Tristan is in Germany. And this is both the coldest winter there in years and one of the hottest summers we have had here in Australia. The snowy surroundings they find themselves in at the moment are illustrated here in these photos


Beautiful but very cold. I miss them

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mural outside Richmond Station

Everyday when I go to work (which is part time) I catch the train to Richmond station and then walk thirty minutes from Richmond through East Melbourne to Collingwood. It is a lovely walk, past some beautiful old terrace houses and old established gardens and through a park as well. I repeat the journey in the evening and then I have had my daily exercise without any effort at all. At Richmond station are some interesting murals.
Mural outside Richmond station

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Just a brief walk in the park near my home after a quick trip to the supermarket:

OUR obsession with perfection?
Inspired by an article in The Age last week about our search for perfection in bananas...

Coming back to life
A tree in the park coming back to life


Salvation Jane or Patterson's Curse?
Salvation Jane aka Patterson's Curse growing in our park

Glowing in the evening light
The glow of eucalypt blossom in the evening light

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday: Day 8 - Beans one week later

Beans one week later
Change over a week in the growth of beans in the garden. Compare with this photo taken last Friday. More bean plants have come up and the leaves are more green. I love my garden in this lush summer.

Thursday: Day 7

On the way home from Port Fairy we travelled through some beautiful parts of country Victoria. This is a bridge (built in 1867) over the Barwon River at Winchelsea (famous as the place where rabbits were introduced into Australia 150 years ago)

Wednesday: Day 6 - At Port Fairy

A walk along the beach at Port Fairy

Tuesday: Day 5

I went away for a few days down to Port Fairy. It was absolutely perfect weather there and very peaceful. There was no internet there and no phone coverage by Optus and that made it even more peaceful. This is a corner of our attic bedroom at Merrijig Inn, built in 1842.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Rustic garden seat

Garden seat under the loquat tree

I got this seat for my birthday four years ago. It is one I really love and its position under the loquat tree makes it a very pleasant place to read, eat lunch or just contemplate life.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The theme is change

It's such a different summer to last year. I took this photo on February 14th 2009 when I was sure this avocado tree grown from seed was dead.

A casualty of the dry spell: avocado tree grown from seed

But a few months ago I noticed it had sprouted again and now look at it. Change indeed.

Avocado tree revived

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Flowers from my brother

My brother grows flowers for a living, and during the holidays son Kieran, 18, has been working for him, weeding, and picking and bunching flowers. It is working out well, especially since I sometimes get to see the fruits of the labours. Because Kieran is learning all about flowers I now know that the white ones are called lisianthus.

Friday, January 1, 2010


I was interested to read that the theme chosen for January by the Edtech 365/2010 Flickr group was about change: "Your task this month is to post an image showing change. You can use a photo from the past, and take one in January of the same subject." My photo of the beans I sowed about 2 weeks ago will be changing throughout January I guess and I will take photos as these change over the month. I got a surprise when I saw them poking out of the straw yesterday as I had not expected much of them. The chooks had been pecking away in that part of the garden and I hadn't watered them or tended to them in any way. But here they are - a sign of hope for the future.