Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25:365 My uncle in Holland in 1979

My uncle in Holland in 1979, originally uploaded by jomcleay.

I needed to tidy up the study as I knew I had some precious photos hidden away from my trip to Holland to see my relatives in 1979. And today finally I found them. They bring back such good memories of meeting my extended family for the first time. This is my Uncle Piet who died a few years ago. In the background you can see Boerenkool (Kale) growing which my aunt cooked for us. Delicious.
I am going back to Holland in May and so much looking forward to seeing my extended family again. I have been skyping with my cousin Inge and she is organising a get-together. My sister and my son Tristan will hopefully be there as well. Can't wait.


  1. Jo, leuke foto! Wij verheugen ons ook op jullie bezoek! Inge

  2. Thank you Inge. I can't tell you how it has enriched my life to have you in it. Likewise looking forward to seeing you in May.