Tuesday, February 1, 2011

32:365 What a mess

What a mess, originally uploaded by jomcleay.

The weather has been amazing for gardens here in Melbourne. Today it got to 38.9C here and yet it still flourishes. But I am still learning, clearly. I have planted everything too close and cannot even get near the plants for harvesting. There are tomatoes, asparagus and pumpkin (crawling though the tomatoes and asparagus) here as well as some self sown coriander. I think next year I need to think about both spacing and staking. And not be so greedy in spring time!


  1. In our garden, we have never learned as far as spacing goes. We don't have neat, straight rows. Our plants go all higgledy piggledy and run into one another, but we still get plenty of produce. I just made a couple of batches of pesto, while my husband was stewing apples and bottling peaches. Tina Donnell

  2. Thank you Tina. I love the idea that we still get produce that we can use. I haven't harvested any of the asparagus yet as it is still in the first year. Maybe next year we will eat some. I know you will enjoy your pesto, apples and peaches