Thursday, February 3, 2011

34:365 Chinese New Year in Springvale Library

I joined a Flickr group started by Jess McCulloch which invites us to "share photos of your local celebrations by adding them to this group, and see how others are welcoming the Year of the Rabbit around the world. Let's build a resource to share our Chinese New Year traditions, and to help students learn about the holiday and explore other cultures."

I loved this idea and having seen a display for Chinese New Year in my local library at Dandenong thought I would just pop in there after work and snap a pic. Well I got there and the display was gone. "Oh no", I cried, "how will I get a photo for Jess now?" I marched up to the desk to ask. Nobody knew where it was or why it had been taken down. "What about Springvale?" I asked, about the sister library about 15 minutes up the road. They said they'd ring and see if their display was still up. Good. It was.

So off I trot with my forebearing husband, now late for his tea, and call into my 2nd library of the day. Of course it was not quite as good a display as what I thought I remembered of the first one. The moral to the story, never delay in snapping a pic if you have the chance. It might not be there next time.

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