Monday, February 7, 2011

38:365 Permaculture garden plan

Permaculture garden plan, originally uploaded by jomcleay.

Last year we got the VEG people out to help us with a permaculture design for our garden. It's been almost a year and I look at the plan they drew up often to see how far along the journey we are. I am very pleased. We have had to make some modifications to the plan. For example we were recommended to get a 20,000 litre tank and put up against the back fence in the chook yard but this would have meant cutting down (or severely pruning a well loved peppercorn tree that was given to me by the kids for mothers day. So we put a smaller one in another location near the front of the house and I am pleased with the result. Every day I am able to cook with something we have grown and I have not bought any vegetables lately except mushroom (and onions after running out of my own supply.) At the moment we have our own harvest of beans, carrots, capsicums, tomatoes, lettuce, garlic, potatoes, corn, beetroot, leeks, strawberries, pears, pakchoi, lots of herbs (oh, and I almost forgot *zucchinis*) Will discuss those another time.

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  1. Damn, wrote something then it disappeared. Bottom line am envious of your garden. I must visit your gardening blog! Helen/Josie